The Goddess vs The Lurker

From a past Cobra update"

" ...the Lurker, as hinted at in this sci-fi novel:


  • Summary-Whats described in this example is that essentially the goddess is looking for people to help her remove the great evil (lurker). The goddess does so by informing, inspiring and empowering people to join together & find creative ways to do so. 

(Screenshot from link/example above )

This marvel movie actually discloses the same principle but it was a bit inverted:

In the first example above, it mentions the lurker wanting to limit 10 dimensions and then the marvel example is a movie again with  the 10 number.

The inverted aspect is that the antagonists receive visions and voices from his wife he loves(goddess archetype) to break down a wall that has the lurker captured and it turns out the lurker was creating that voice to trick him so he would be set free.

In reality the goddess inspires us the detach from the lurker by healing our emotional bodies among other solutions.

The enemy that portrays the Lurker is called"

"The Dweller in Darkness"

This darkness is referring to the sub quantum realm within the anomaly fog:

In the marvel cinematic universe the ten rings below to Kane the Conquer

who is living in the quantum realm


Further description of the Dweller in Darkness by Marvel:

You can learn about the Goddess here:

Many key meditations of the goddess are shared halfway through this article here :


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